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Welcome to Himachal Government Teacher's Union

Welcome to Himachal Government Teacher ‘s Union (HGTU) . HGTU is a representative Body of all categories of Teacher in Himachal Pradesh affiliated to all India Secondary Teacher Federation and Education International. Constitution of the union passed on 13,Oct 1956. By the executive of teacher union and registered under the act on dated 14,Oct 1957 having Registration Number 14. The constitution of the union subsequently amended by the state council of Himachal Govt. Teachers Union on 31st October. 1970 and time to time amendment made in its constitution. Finally amended and re-published as approved by the state council conference on 5th June 2011 at G.S.S.S Rekongpeo Distt. Kinnaur (HP). In this amendment tenure of the executive council of Himachal Government Teacher union extended to 3 years instead of 2 years for future.

This organization worked for the welfare of students ,teachers as well as society since its formation .Many struggle and agitation fought by this organization since than to till date to protect the right and interest of teachers community. Being a constitutional organization it’s executive council work under law and follow the proper election procedure of union starting from educational block.

AFFILIATED TO All India Secondary Teacher Federations
HGTU is affiliated to All India Secondary Teacher Federations since the date of its establishment. All India Secondary Teacher federations was established in the year of 1961. The group of 24 state organizations working together in the field of education under the banner of All India Secondary Teacher federations. All India Secondary Teacher federations has also got the affiliations from Educational International organization . It has the group of 138 countries of the world having 365 international organization who is working together in the field of education internationally.


Mr. Virender Chauhan

Dear Members
It will give me a great pleasure to welcome you all on the Himachal Govt. Teachers Union’s website. We hope that this site will help you better in understanding our activism as a union as well as our commitment towards the society and children. The HGTU has been a trusted union for our members for over 57 year of its journey. Today we value the foundation of that trust as we continue to address the problems of “the teacher & the taught”; that were central idea behind our foundation in 1957.

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